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About me

I apologize in advance for the translation you are about to read. I’m trying to translate the whole site and it really makes me very difficult. It is for this reason that I have used an automatic translator, so it is possible that it contains many errors.

Thank you for visiting our site, and for understanding this inconvenience.

Hi, my name is Serena Zitarrosa, I live in Montevideo – Uruguay, I am married and I have two daughters, 16 and 12 years old, who are my love, my life and my everything.

I am also Mom, Industrial Designer specialized in textiles / clothing, among many other things. It’s weird, but sometimes that close to the title they give us when finishing a race, does not define us exactly. It is true that this is my professional title, but “who I am” goes much further than that.

I dedicate myself since 2006 to teaching, I teach Design and Flat Fabric at the University School of Design, at the University of the Republic (Uruguay), and besides that I have training in other areas such as photography, teaching, education For the art, makeup, hairdresser and obviously I am self-taught in many others. (For example: handmade binding, cardboard, modeling, confectionery, sewing, stamping, fabric, video editing and digital photography, etc.).

I worked for many years as a costume designer, both in advertising, theater and TV. There are many others in elementary school teaching plastic expression, in secondary (high school) in subjects of visual communication, and of course I always continue doing works of different types in particular form by order, or small productions of products that I commercialize directly.

I am passionate about plastic, graphic, and visual arts. They tell me that I have an out of the ordinary craft, although I’m not sure, but an uncommon patience, which allows me to do things for my entourage, such as working in miniature modeling, or spend hours researching and learning how Manage software that appeals to me, or learn wordpress to be able to do, manage and manage my own web !.

At the moment I think that with this you can have a general overview of who I am, a little closer to reality.

This web page that opens today, aims to compile my work to be able to share, diffuse, teach some of my passions and why not market some of my work, if possible, both material and virtual.

Over time, I intend to grow this site a little. For now, just sketch the last things I’m doing, as many over time have been lost or not properly registered.